Bookkeeping service

The main area of activity of Kancelaria Podatkowa ENTER is to provide bookkeeping services to the companies which need professional and inexpensive service.

Our clients are provided with:

  • Comprehensive accounting services for any type of company (sole proprietorship, partnership, limited partnership, general partnership, unlimited liability partnership, joint stock company, limited liability, S.A. New Connect public company, housing community, foundation, foreign company agency).
  • Management of all types of records, including Account Books, Revenue and Expense Ledger, revenue records for the purposes of lump-sum tax, registers and records as required by the laws of Poland
  • Preparation and delivery of statements to tax offices
  • Representation of clients before relevant authorities
  • Representation of clients during tax inspections
  • Registration and updating of data in relevant offices
  • Preparation of reports to the National Court Register, Central Statistical Office and National Bank of Poland
  • Correction of bookkeeping arrears and checking previous records
  • Development of the Company’s Plan of Accounts, Accountancy Policy and other organisational and bookkeeping procedures
  • Servicing of New Connect Stock-Exchange companies
  • Collection of documents from clients
  • Reporting in accordance with the standards and customer's expectations
  • Accountant’s assistance and consultancy (included in the service fee)
  • Tailored to the customer's needs
  • Service provided in the Polish, English, French and Russian languages
  • Absolute safety for our customers is ensured by the third party liability insurance of bookkeeping and consultancy services in the amount of 200 000 PLN per instance.

Kancelaria Podatkowa ENTER, established by Danuta Bednarek and partners, has been on the market since 1993. Since the very beginning of its activity, we have put special emphasis on the quality of service and friendly attitude.

We provide comprehensive services to all types of companies offering full accountancy (Account Books) and simplified forms of accountancy (Revenue and Expense Ledger), social insurance ZUS settlement, representation of our ...

  • keeping account books
  • determination and calculation of remuneration
  • calculation of all charges (Social Insurance Institution, Revenue Office, State Fund for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled)
  • accounting services for housing communities
  • keeping records of fixed assets
  • preparing income tax returns
  • inspection and analysis of the enterprise financial standing
  • keeping personnel records
  • representation of companies in tax offices